BIO-P additive

BIO-P is a biological additive for professional waste water treatment systems (WWTS) applicable to aeration tanks where the process of biological bacteria cleaning takes place to reduce the organic content of sewage.

BIO-P is also very effective at breaking down fats in waste water systems which can cause damage to pumps and other components.

BIO-P is a powder product containing spores and vegetative cells of Bacillus Subtilis organism, additional proteinase and an appropriate buffering system.

BIO-P provides trouble-free separation of treated waste water resulting with very good sedimentation of activated sludge. After application the smaller particles floc and the little fragments of biomass, which are hard to separate, diminish along with free non-flocculated bacteria.

The overall quality of the particles increases, the presence of polyphosphate (accumulating bacteria) continuously rises and the rate of dominant fibre decreases to a minimum having no negative impact on outfall chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels.

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