Unfortunately in today’s society it is common practice to make use of a wide range of chemical cleaning products to manage our waste disposal processes.  We even pour acids down our drains to clean them, but how many of us consider the effects these products are having on the environment?

There is a natural alternative to such products, however this process is too slow and cannot keep up with the pace and demands of modern day life.

Organic waste is naturally decomposed by friendly bacteria, but unfortunately we haven’t got time to wait for Mother Nature to do her work.  Therefore biological enzyme products have been developed to accelerate this process.

Strains of friendly bacteria are blended with enzymes to create an action packed formula.  The enzymes speed up the work of the bacteria that immediately upon application start decomposing organic matter in a host of environments.

Formulas have been developed for use in a number of ways to break down organic matter in environments from septic tanks to fish ponds.  The principles are the same, in that millions of friendly bacteria start consuming dead organic matter, whether it is the build-up of fat in waste pipes, fish faeces at the bottom of a pond or a compost heap.

By accelerating the natural decomposition process with the application of biological enzymes, we are able to prevent the build-up of organic matter in such environments which is another key advantage to using them.  Gone are the days of clogged waste pipes and sewage systems resulting with expensive maintenance costs and unnecessary inconvenience.

The use of biological enzymes not only prevents the build up of organic waste but also increases hygiene levels, reduces the risk of disease and diminishes unpleasant odours.  For restaurants, hotels, care homes and schools, or other buildings with a commercial kitchen that need to maintain the best levels of hygiene; this is an important factor to consider.

Each year we become more and more concerned about our planet and the environmental consequences of our actions.  There are great efforts being made to work with nature and preserve its beauty.  Each one of us is responsible for contributing our little bit towards this cause.

BIO-ENZYM Ltd is a newly formed company that takes this responsibility seriously. We specialise in the production of biological enzymes for a range of domestic and commercial environments.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to email us at ukenquiries@bio-enzym.eu or telephone on 033 022 31174 and a representative will be pleased to assist you.