A biological enzyme product designed to accelerate the maturation of compost. It contains a mixture of natural bacteria and enzymes capable of decomposing organic substances, reducing the volume of solids.  It effectively processes grass cuttings, wood chips, leaves and all other garden and household organic waste.

It produces a compost rich in nutrients which reduces the need for other fertilisers in the garden.

It is non-toxic to humans, animals and plant life.

Restores and accelerates the natural decomposition process.


Dissolve contents of the sachet in 2 litres of warm water and allow 15 – 30 minutes for the biological enzymes to activate, stirring occasionally.  Then pour the solution directly and evenly over the compost area.  It is important that the compost remains damp and moist otherwise the decomposition process reduces significantly, therefore watering is necessary on a weekly basis. For applications during winter months, it is recommended that the upper 30cm layer of compost is first removed and then soaked evenly with warm water before being replaced after application.

100g is suitable for use on a compost area of up to 3 cubic metres.

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