W.W.T.S 100g


A biological enzyme product intended for use in domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (WWTS). It contains a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes, which upon application kick-start the biological process required to effectively maintain a WWTS. This product is suitable for application to aeration tanks where the process of biological bacteria cleaning takes place to reduce the organic content of sewage. It is also very effective at breaking down fats in waste water systems which can cause damage to pumps and other components.


For a WWTS up to 5 people:

To kick-start the biological process in a WWTS apply 50g in the first and second week of installation. To maintain biological bacteria cleaning during periods of low use, apply 50g every 14 days.

Dissolve 50g in 2 litres, or 100g in 4 litres of warm water (30–40 °C) and allow 15–30 minutes for the biological enzymes to activate, stirring occasionally. Then pour the solution directly into the sewage chamber that connects to the soil pipe within 1 hour of activation.

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