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A biological enzyme product intended for use in septic tanks, cesspits, dry compost toilets and domestic sewage systems. It contains a mixture of natural bacteria and enzymes which break down hard layers of organic matter, restoring the original capacity of the septic.  Furthermore, it significantly reduces unpleasant odours. It is non-toxic to humans, animals and plant life.

Restores and accelerates the natural decomposition process.

Septic tanks and cesspits

After regular monthly application the contents of a septic tank is reduced to sludge water, which means it can flow away into the drainage system if the tank is fitted with an overflow. This prevents the need to pump out and clean the septic. In case the septic is not fitted with an overflow, the sediment is liquefied and unpleasant odours are significantly reduced. The product is suitable for use all year round.

Dry compost toilets

After pouring into a dry compost toilet the bacteria start to break down organic matter, reducing unpleasant odours significantly.  The complete decomposition of excrement including toilet paper will happen after 2 or 3 months. It is important that the dry toilet is watered once a week to avoid drying out.


Dissolve contents of the sachet in 2 litres of warm water and allow 15 – 30 minutes for the biological enzymes to activate, stirring occasionally. Then pour the solution directly into the septic tank, cesspit or dry toilet within 1 hour of activation.

Regular monthly application helps ensure trouble-free and odourless operation of the system.

Monthly dosage for a 5m³ septic tank is 100g.

To effectively kick-start the process of biological enzyme treatment in a septic tank with a capacity of 5m³, it is recommended that one 100g packet is used fortnightly for the first month. Then continue to apply 1 pack (100g) every month thereafter.

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