Friendly Bacteria

BEST BEFORE EXPIRES 31/12/2018 but enzymes still 100% functional for at least another year.

A biological enzyme product intended for use in fish ponds to prevent the formation of algae, improve water quality and support the growth of fish.  This product effectively breaks down organic matter in fish ponds caused by fish faeces and rotting vegetation.  This improves the biological balance of the pond by reducing nutrient levels in the water necessary for algae to grow, resulting with clearer water.  It also reduces unpleasant odours associated with organic matter.  This is a gradual process which is long lasting, non-toxic to aquatic life and is suitable for use all year round.


·  In fish ponds and water features

·  To kick-start biological filtration

·  To support the growth of fish


Dissolve contents of the sachet in 10 litres of warm water (30 - 40ºC) and allow 15 – 30 minutes for the biological enzymes to activate, stirring occasionally with a non-metallic object.  Then pour the solution directly into the pond within 1 hour of activation.

Regular monthly application helps ensure trouble-free and odourless condition of the pond.

Monthly dosage for a pond of approximately 10m³ is 50g. For heavily polluted ponds it is recommended to use 50g fortnightly.

For best results it is recommended to use a mechanical filtration system in conjunction with this product.

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